1. Dr. Lila B. Karki, Alabama
2. Dr. Megha N. Parajulee, Texas
3. Dr. Pradeep Wagle, Oklahoma
4. Dr. Bharat Pokharel, Tennessee
5. Dr. Ramesh Khanal, Pensylvania
6. Dr. Shyam Kandel, California
7. Dr. Bhawani Mishra, Missouri
8. Dr. Dev Paudel, Florida
9. Dr. Sushil Thapa, Texas
10. Dr. Ananta Acharya, Iowa
11. Dr. Santosh Dhakal, Maryland
12. Mr. Bikash Poudel, North Dakota

Informed absence

1. Dr. Ramji Ghimire, Michigan
2. Dr. Nityananda Khanal, Canada
3. Dr. Aditya Khanal, Tennessee
4. Dr. Shyam Adhikary, Illinois
5. Dr. Mukti Ghimire, Georgia


  • President and the Chair, Dr. Karki welcomed the participants, appreciated all members for their contribution thus far and willingness to work in the conference team
    • Initiated a brief introduction of the participants
    • Announced Dr. Megha Nath Parajulee, Vice President, Co-Chair of COC
    • Announced Dr. Santosh Dhakal, Conference Secretary
    • Announced Dr. Bharat Pokharel, Chair, student writing competition subcommittee and Dr. Shyam Adhikari as Co-Chair. They will outline potential topics, prize amount, call for submission, and a detail plan of the contest and share with the team.
    • Announced Dr. Ananta Acharya, Chair of the IT subcommittee. He will identify team members and prepare outline of the website, registration process, and other items and work closely with Webmaster, Tanka Kafle
    • Proposed a monthly meeting (Conference Secretary will forward the date, time, agenda, and Zoom link)
    • Other members for the PC will be recruited as deemed necessary
  • All agreed to hold 2nd meeting during the first week of June (Conference Secretary will forward the date, time, agenda, and Zoom link)
  • All agreed on initiating email thread on conference theme, conference program, brochure,
    budget priorities, fund raising strategies etc.
  • All participants expressed their excitement and willingness to contribute their level best to make the upcoming NAPA conference a great success.
napa conference 2020 atlanta