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Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA)

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NAPA Research Mini-Grant (RMG) Program

Awarded Grants

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2022 Call for Proposals

November 20, 2022

Founded in 2016, the Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political professional organization aspired to contribute to agricultural transformation for food security. The Research and Capacity Building Committee (RCBC) of NAPA has been launching a competitive Research Mini-Grant (RMG) program since 2019 to support applied research projects pertaining to Agricultural and Allied Sciences (AAS) in Nepal.

The intent of the RMG program is to provide funding and advisory support to post-secondary students in Nepal to conduct high-impact research in the fields of AAS. The studies are expected to address knowledge gaps and contribute to innovations toward the development of economically viable, socially just, and environmentally sustainable plant and animal-based agricultural systems and natural resource management.

Funding Amount and Areas
NAPA plans to support quality proposals of up to NRs 40,000 each as a sole or matching fund. In this call, RCBC considers proposals in diverse, specialized, and interdisciplinary areas of agriculture and allied sciences contributing to enhancing the knowledge base, defining challenges, and identifying opportunities for technological, socio-economic, and policy interventions. Studies that focus on prospective under-utilized resources (e.g., plant and animal species, local landraces/breeds), agrobiodiversity, sustainability, climate change, food safety, value-addition, and niche-based opportunities may get priorities.

This call for proposals is specifically for students of post-secondary academic and vocational institutions. All undergraduate/vocational school students’ research projects that require monetary and advisory support are eligible. Students must have at least one year remaining before graduation to complete the proposed study. However, undergraduate seniors can be eligible if this project is adopted as their Intern project and is certified by the University/Institution.

How to Apply
Follow the given online proposal form for each section including Project Title, Background, Research Hypothesis and Objectives, Methodology, Deliverables and Expected Outcomes, Timeline, and Budget.
Proposals must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the student’s advisor(s) explaining his/her academic standing and ability to conduct the proposed study.
The recommendation letter shall also provide the advisor’s full commitment to serve as the resident advisor to the student for the duration of the project.
Investigators proposing collaboration/partnership with other eligible institutions/entities should include letter(s) of support from the collaborating institution(s).
An advisor can submit a recommendation letter for only one student or group of students working on the same proposal.

Proposal Submission Deadline: January 7, 2023; 11:59 pm US EST (New York Time)
Awardees will be notified: February 15, 2023
Contracts with awardees and research initiation: March 1, 2023

Proposal Submission Resources
Research Mini-Grant 2022 - Detailed Call for Proposals [pdf document]
Research Mini-Grant 2022 - Proposal Writing Guidelines [pdf document]
Research Mini-Grant 2022 - Budget Template [Spreadsheet]
Please email us at: for any proposal and submission related questions

NAPA-RMG Awarded Grants 

Awarded Grants in 2022
Awarded Grants in 2020
Awarded Grants in 2019

Watch final presentation from 2019 awardees:

Have more questions about the application process?
This video may answer some of the basic Q&A about RMG. The video is the recording of the RMG-2020 discussion session.

2022 Grant Cycle: Awarded Grants

1. Documentation on Utilization of Neglected and Underutilized Crop Species in Chishankhugadhi Rural Municipality, Okhaldhunga

2. Are Pig Farms in Nepal safe from African Swine Fever? 

3. Efficacy of Different Botanical against Red Pumpkin Beetle (Aulacophora foveicollis) Infesting Cucumber in Sundarbazar, Lamjung

4. Husbandry practice, gastrointestinal parasite prevalence, welfare, and reproductive status of dairy cattle in Chitwan, Nepal

5. Screening of Nepalese rice landraces for cooking quality and micronutrient availability 

6. Quality maintenance of litchi fruit (Litchi chinensis) through post-harvest treatments in Bardibas

7. Effect of different seed priming techniques on germination and seedling vigor of summer maize in Chitwan, Nepal.

8. Assessment of mycelial growth and yield attribute of Milky Mushroom (Clocybe indica) on different agricultural substrates

9. Biotransformation of cellulose by soil bacteria extracted from roots of medicinal plants growing in different regions of Nepal.

10. Evaluation of major agro-meteorological indices of Corn grown with climate change adaptation measures at Janaki rural municipality Kailali, Nepal

11. Comparative study on multi-roles of home gardening: food security, biodiversity conservation, uplifting women's status, and mitigating climate change effect in terai and hills of Nepal

12. Growth analysis of broiler on different feed additives under the effect of blue and green led lights in Tulsipur, Dang

13. Effect of nitrogen management on prevalence of biotic stress in winter maize at Paklihawa campus, Nepal

14. Evaluation of different feed types in the growth and survival of mono-sex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fry in Chitwan, Nepal

2020 Grant Cycle: Awarded Grants

2020-36: In-vitro Evaluation of Chemical Fungicides Against Pestalotia longisetula Causing Fruit and Crown Rot of Strawberry

Awardee: Prashant Bhattarai, Tribhuvan University / Lamjung Campus, IAAS

Local advisor: Ram Kumar Shrestha

NAPA advisor: Megha Parajulee

2020-47: Evaluation of Growth and Yield Parameters of Local Landraces of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) to Azospirillum brasilense and Pseudomonas flourescens in Dang valley

Awardee: Shishir Dahal, Tribhuvan University / Campus of Live Sciences, IAAS

Local advisor: Siddalal Bohara

NAPA advisor: Nitya Khanal

2020-6: Effect of seed treatment on germination and seedling health of summer season okra in Chitwan, Nepal using different plant extracts as bio fungicides

Awardee: Anugya Bhattarai, Agriculture and Forestry University / Central Campus, AFU

Local advisor: Ritesh Kumar Yadav

NAPA advisor: Pradeep Wagle

2020-25: Characterization of Nepalese Sweet Potato Landraces (Ipomoea batatas L.) Using Morphological Markers for Food and Feed

Awardee: Nabin Poudel, Agriculture and Forestry University / Central Campus, AFU

Local advisor: Arjun Kumar Shrestha

NAPA advisor: Dilip Panthee

2020-8: Effects of Rhizobium Inoculation Strains on Nodulation and Yield of Rice Beans (Vigna umbellate) Landraces in Rampur, Chitwan

Awardee: Bidya Ojha, Agriculture and Forestry University / Central Campus, AFU

Local advisor: Suman Dhakal

NAPA advisor: Pramod Pokhrel

2020-39: Effect of Phosphorus on Differently Spaced Mung Bean (Vigna radiata) in Rainfed Condition

Awardee: Pritam Thapa, Tribhuvan University / Lamjung Campus, IAAS

Local advisor: Roshan Subedi

NAPA advisor: Buddhi Gyawali

2020-22: Women Participation in Cardamom Production: A Study of Ilam District

Awardee: Mahima Gotame, Tribhuvan University / Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus

Local advisor: Ganesh Bahadur Rawat

NAPA advisor: Purna Kandel

2020-32: Variance Component Analysis Among Amaranthus Genotypes in Mid Hills of Nepal

Awardee: Prabha Adhikari, Tribhuvan University / Lamjung Campus, IAAS

Local advisor: Nav Raj Adhikari

NAPA advisor: Khusi Tiwari

2020-34: Prevalence of Hemo Protozoans in Stray Dogs of Kathmandu District

Awardee: Pramila Subedi, Agriculture and Forestry University / Veterinary Science and Fisheries, AFU

Local advisor: Dr. Arjun Aryal

NAPA advisor: Santosh Dhakal

2020-17: Effect of Rooting Hormones and Media on Vegetative Propagation of Bougainvillea glabra cv. Single Pink Through Hardwood Cutting

Awardee: Jebina Shrestha, Tribhuvan University / Gauradaha Agriculture Campus, IAAS

Local advisor: Nirajan Bhandari

NAPA advisor: Sharad Marahatta

2020-42: Assessment of Mechanization Status of Paddy Production in the Western Nepal

Awardee: Sagar Bhandari, Agriculture and Forestry University / Central Campus, AFU

Local advisor: Pankaj Raj Dhital

NAPA advisor: Aditya Khanal

2020-14: Integrated Nutrient Management in Sesame in Lamahi, Dang

Awardee: Gaurav Thakur, Tribhuvan University / Prithu Technical College

Local advisor: Krishna Aryal

NAPA advisor: Kabindra Adhikari

2020-43: Prevalence of Fish Tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum) in Commercial Fish Farms of Chitwan District

Awardee: Sampada Devkota, Agriculture and Forestry University / Central Campus, AFU

Local advisor: Dr. Dilip Kumar Jha

NAPA advisor: Uma Karkee

2020-2: Assessing the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Towards Rabies from Three Most Affected Districts of Nepal

Awardee: Alok Dhakal, Tribhuvan University / Paklihawa Campus, IAAS

Local advisor: Dr. Krishna Kaphle

NAPA advisor: Ramjee Ghimire

2020-9: Productivity and Reproductive Performance of Yak and Their Cross Breeds in Lower Mustang of Nepal

Awardee: Bijay Paudel, Agriculture and Forestry University / Veterinary Science and Fisheries, AFU

Local advisor: Gokarna Gautam

NAPA advisor: Sushil Paudyal

2020-51: Community Engagement in Livestock Development: A Study of National Agriculture Development Company (NADC), Salyan, Nepal

Awardee: Susma Thapa, Agriculture and Forestry University / Veterinary Science and Fisheries, AFU

Local advisor: Prem Bhandari

NAPA advisor: Prem Bhandari

2019 Grant Cycle: Awarded Grants

2019-101: Altitudinal Variation Of Orthoptera Species Richness And Diversity In Rice Based Farming System In Western Nepal

Awardee: Madan Subedi

Local advisor: Bhola Gautam

NAPA advisor: Dr. Megha N. Parajulee

2019-102: Study Of Existing Milk Production And Marketing Pattern Of Milk Produced By Dairy Cattle In Chitwan, Nepal

Awardee: Iebu Devkota

Local advisor: Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet

NAPA advisor: Dr. Uma Karki

2019-103: Effect of Different Weed Management Practices and Seed Priming on Weed Dynamics, and Yield of Dry Direct Seeded Rice.

Awardee: Barsha Sharma

Local advisor: Dr. Bishnu Bilas Adhikari

NAPA advisor: Dr. Sushil Thapa

2019-104: Efficacy Of Different Nitrogen Doses And Rhizobium Inoculation On The Yield And Nodulation Behaviour Of Soybean.

Awardee: Manish Gautam

Local advisor: Suman Dhakal

NAPA advisor: Dr. Rajan Ghimire

2019-105: Antioxidant, alpha-amylase inhibition assay and quantification of major flavonoids daidzein and genistein in soybean and soyfoods found in Nepal

Awardee: Dr. Bishnu Pandey

Local advisor: Not applicable

NAPA advisor: Dr. Buddhi Lamsal

2019-106: Response of Crop Density and Variety on Growth and Productivity of Spring Maize in Dang, Nepal

Awardee: Rupak Karn

Local advisor: Mahesh Regmi

NAPA advisor: Dr. Nitya N. Khanal

2019-107: Effect Of Plant Growth Regulators On Growth, Flowering And Yield Attributes Of Marigold (Tagetes Sp.)

Awardee: Susmita Sigdel

Local advisor: Bishal Shrestha

NAPA advisor: Dr. Shiva Makaju

2019-108: Characterization and Evaluation of Nepalese Colocasia Landraces for Biodiversity Conservation

Awardee: Dharmendra Kalauni

Local advisor: Drs. Madhav Pandey & Arjun K. Shrestha

NAPA advisor: Dr. Ananta Acharya

2019-109: Post Production And Its Feasibility With Marketing Of Ginger In Salyan District

Awardee: Shirsti Updhyaya

Local advisor: Dr. Om Prakash Singh

NAPA advisor: Dr. Lila B. Karki

2019-110: Influence of foliar application of gibberellic acid and naphthalene acetic acid on growth, development, quality, yield, fruit anatomy and seed setting of tomato (var. Srijana) under protected cultivation

Awardee: Ritesh Kumar Jha

Local advisor: Dr. Arjun K Shrestha

NAPA advisor: Dr. Shyam Kandel

2019-111: Management of root knot nematode (meloidogynespp.) in tomato

Awardee: Barsha Bastola

Local advisor: Ganesh Rawat

NAPA advisor: Dr. Mukti Ghimire

2019-112: Varietal Evaluation Of Promising Maize Genotypes In Mid Hills Of Nepal

Awardee: Bipin Neupane

Local advisor: Ankur Poudel

NAPA advisor: Dr. Pradeep Wagle

2019-113: Germplasm Evaluation of Vegetable Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) In dang district

Awardee: Astha Acharya and team

Local advisor: Manoj Basnet

NAPA advisor: Dr. Prem Bhandari

2019-114: Effect of different types of fertilizers on viramin C content of cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae var. botrytis) in Dang district

Awardee: Jaya Sharma and team

Local advisor: Manoj Basnet

NAPA advisor: Dr. Prem Bhandari

2019-115: Study on effect of phosphorus on growth and flowering of Marigold

Awardee: Indu Regmi and team

Local advisor: Manoj Basnet

NAPA advisor: Dr. Prem Bhandari

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