Research Mini-Grants

NAPA Mini-Grants Program (MGP) for Collaborative Research

Dear distinguished NAPA members,
Namaste and Happy Bada Dashain 2075 once again.

The Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA) [] is delighted to announce a call for 'Research Mini-Grant' contributors or sponsors from community members and beyond towards establishing a NAPA Mini-Grant Program (MGP) for collaborative research. Following are some of the initial objectives of MGP:

Scope of Contribution/Sponsorship

Anyone willing to be a part of MGP to promote collaborative research activities in Nepal may join NAPA to highlight the need for research in agricultural and allied disciplines and empower researchers in rural communities of Nepal (in this initial phase). You have the opportunity to support these genius minds and their ideas and make significant impact toward improving current agricultural enterprises and developing strategies to make staple food accessible and ample for the rural community. We, therefore, request all of you (great minds, generous hearts, and open hands) to select one of the two options below to implement the pilot concept of 'collaborative research' for professional development and capacity building. Your contribution to this MGP pilot project will be recognized per your desire and specification to contribute (discipline, institution, and specific project). The NAPA Treasurer and the designated committee (DC) in consultation with the contributors/donors/sponsors will oversee the MGP funds, implementation, outcome, and quality control. The DC in consultation with the executive committee (EC) shall prepare guidelines, call proposals, evaluate, and recommend selected proposals for funding.

i) Contributors

Anyone willing to contribute to MGP for collaborative research may donate any amount to the MGP pool and the amount will be disbursed to support selected small-scale projects. Such pool-funded projects will be solicited, evaluated, selected, supported, and managed by EC depending on the amount of funds in the MGP pool.

ii) Sponsorship

MGP Sponsors will have an opportunity to identify research areas, implementing institution, and a name of the mini-grant (if the amount of mini-grant is $100 or more). Sponsors may supervise the research conducted by the mini-grant receiving student along with the faculty of the recipient institution (local faculty) or may authorize NAPA to supervise the sponsored research (on behalf of him/her). The standard mini-grant amount in the initial phase will be $100 (US dollar one hundred) equivalent to NRs. 10,000 (Rupees ten thousand) one time for undergraduate research and $200 (US dollar two hundred) equivalent to NRs. 20,000 (Rupees twenty thousand) for graduate student or post-graduate professional research depending on the type of research proposal. The call for research proposals at the initial phase (2019) will be limited to good standing undergraduate and graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) students from agriculture/forestry/food technology universities/colleges/schools as well as post graduate professionals/researchers.

If the selected research is expected to take multiple years, the research will be supported based on the available funds. The duration of the research can be annual or multiyear depending on the nature of the selected research proposals and available funds. The funding of the research may be from an individual (sponsorship) if contributed as specified, or it will be funded from the collective funding pool (depending on the research budget, project type, and available funds).

Criteria for receiving a mini-grant

NAPA respectfully requests all generous donors to spare a few dollars by sacrificing small expenses (such as coffee/tea/drinks/movie/dining out etc.) for the next few months in order to generate a mini-grant pool money for collaborative research. More importantly, we seek MGP sponsors to support collaborative research for developing capacity of undergraduate/graduate students, local faculty, and post graduate professionals ($100 and $200 levels). Therefore, you have been invited to make a difference in research-based agricultural education in Nepal by sponsoring at least one mini-grant for an impactful scientific investigation. Your generosity is NAPA's inspiration to serve the community back in the motherland and beyond. So, contribution by October 15, 2018, will be much appreciated as we are planning to release the first opportunity of the mini-grants for collaborative research in the year 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vice President, Dr. Megha N. Parajulee at for further details.

List of donors for mini-grants

SNContributorsAmount (US$)
1Dr. Lila B. Karki & Dr. Uma Karki 400
2Dr. Megha N. Parajulee & Mrs. Sharmila Parajulee 300
3Dr. Prem B. Bhandari & Mrs. Usha Bhandari 300
4Dr. Pradeep Wagle & Dr. Monika Ghimire 300
5Dr. Budhi Prasad Lamsal & Mrs. Anju Nepal Lamsal 150
6Dr. Khusi Ram Tiwari & Mrs. Ambika Tiwari50
7Dr. Nityananda Khanal55
8Dr. Ramesh C. Khanal100
9Dr. Tilak B. Shrestha50
10Ms. Kemika Bhandari105
11Mr. Kiran Ojha86
12Dr. Manoj Karkee100
13Dr. Aditya R. Khanal50
14Dr. Ram Acharya100
15Dr. Thakur B. Karki50
16Dr. Lekha Nath Paudel50
17Dr. Rajan Ghimire100
18Dr. Ananta Acharya100
19Dr. Ramjee Ghimire50
20Dr. Lila K. Khatiwada75
21Dr. Bharat Pokharel100
22Dr. Nilhari Neupane86
23Dr. Romy Das Karna15
24Dr. Prakash Malla100
25Dr. Bhawani Mishra50
26Dr. Toya Baral50
27Dr. Buddhi Gyawali51
28Mr. Bikash Poudel 10
29Mr. Sanjok Poudel20
30Dr. Gandhi Bhattarai100
Total 3,153