Socio-Economic and Cultural Committee (SECC)

NAPA launches diverse research, outreach and collaborative activities in agriculture and allied disciplines through various specialized committees in pursuit of its objectives. Socio-Economic and Cultural Committee is one of the committees contributing to those objectives.


Socio-economic well-being and cultural pride amongst members for Social Harmony.


To promote cultural values and socio-economic vitality in the community for innovation, discourse, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and charitable services.

Prospective Activities

1. Financial Literacy (Roundtable)
2. Literary contributions to Agri-Connection
3. NAPA Day Celebration (Blood Donation, Poem Competition, Cultural Program, etc.)
4. Charitable Activities
5. Cultural Promotion
6. Relief Program
7. Identity Protection
8. Sports

Committee Members:

Chair: Mr. Dol P. Dhakal
Ms. Kemika Bhandari
Ms. Ambika Tiwari
Dr. Bharat Man Shrestha
Mr. Ramesh Pandit
Mr. Govinda Baral