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Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA)

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Database of Nepalese professionals based on expertise

Nepalese Expert Database

  1. Aastha Pudasainee
      Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University
      Applied Economics, Food and Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Resource Economics
  2. Achyut Narayan Baral
      Founder, Krishi Master Nepal
      Agriculture business Digital marketing ecosystem for agricultural commodities, Community based agriculture extension services, Agriculture entrance exams for all levels
  3. Aditya Raj Khanal
      Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University
      Agricultural and Applied Economics, Agricultural Finance, Production Economics, Food Security and Economic Development, Risk Management, Agribusiness, Alternative profitable enterprises and entrepreneurship in agriculture
  4. Ambika Adhikari Tiwari
      Senior Research Associate, Mississippi State University
      Plant Science, Aquaculture, Water Quality, Best Management Practices, Environmental Science, Groundwater Cleanup, Algal Taxonomy etc.
  5. Anand Tiwari
      Research Assistant, Tuskegee University
      Integration of various knowledges to upgrade the existing production system in small scale producer level (Livestock sector).
  6. Ananta Acharya
      Research Scientist, Corteva Agriscience
      Genomics, Bioinformatics, Ag innovation
  7. Anjan Bhatta
      Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University
      Soil phosphorus particularly on environmental phosphorus loss risk assessment,
  8. Anjana Duwal
      Graduate Research Assistant, Kentucky State University
  9. Arun Kafle
      PhD candidate, University of South Australia
      Protected vegetable cultivation, Urban Agriculture, Agriculture system modelling, Economic analysis of horticultural commodities.
  10. Asmita Devkota
      Graduate Research assistant, Tennessee State University
      Plant biotechnology, genetics, bio-informatics,
  11. Babu Panthi
      Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University
      Integrated Pest Management, spatial analysis, economic thresholds, sampling plans
  12. Badri Aryal
      Lecturer, Pokhara University
      Development studies
  13. Bal Krishna Joshi
      Senior Scientist (Plant Genetics and Breeding), Nepal Agricultura Research Council
      Plant Genetics and Breeding, Agrobiodiversity, Biotechnology, Statistics
  14. Basu Deb Bhandari
      Vice President, Comerica Bank
      Economics, Production Economics, Econometrics, Enterprise Risk
  15. Basuedv Sharma Pokhrel
      Nursery Inspector, Maryland Department Of Agriculture
      Insect pest Identification and their management strategies
  16. Bed Prasad Khatiwada
      Consultant, Food and Nutrition consulting Group
      Food safety and quality, postharvest horticulture, NIIR Spectroscopy
  17. Bharat Pokharel
      Associate Professor, Tennessee State University
      I am a biometrician and applied statistician, who is interested in designing research experiments, testing research hypotheses, and developing statistical model as a decision support tool for resource owners, resource managers and policy makers in order to promote sustainable resources management for perpetuity. As the scopes, priorities and diversities of resource management broadened, we need to test wide range of hypotheses using either observational or experimental data in the form of empirical and mechanistic approaches. I am interested to integrate the strength of both approaches in order to test the underlying biological principles. There is a need to leverage our research through an empirical modeling framework and using relatively abundant and inexpensive readily available data both at temporal and spatial scales to address contemporary agricultural problem around the globe.
  18. Bharat Man Shrestha
      Biology Study Lead., Soil Health and Fertility Development, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
      Climate Change and Agricultural Sustainability, Soil Health and Fertility, Food Security, Carbon and Nutrient Cycling, Ecosystem Services
  19. Bhawani P Mishra
      Senior Research Associate, University of Missouri, Columbia
      Food security, Poverty, Economics of health care
  20. Bibek Acharya
      Graduate Assistant, University of Florida
      Precision water management, Crop Evapotranspiration, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, Satellite Images
  21. Bijesh Mishra
      Post-doctoral Fellow of Economic Modeling, Auburn University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
      I am an applied economist experienced in multidisciplinary behavioral research in agriculture, energy, environment, ecology, and natural resource management. I am well trained in economics, econometrics, statistics and spatial analysis. I am also interested in political and developmental economics.
  22. Bikal Koirala
      Graduate Teaching Assistant, Texas Tech University
      Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics, Empirical Macroeconomics
  23. Bikash Poudel
      Postdoctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS
      Genetics, Bioinformatics, Pathogen biology
  24. Bimala Rai Paudyal
      Member, National Assembly (Upper House); Federal Parliament of Nepal
      Climate-Smart Agriculture; Common Property Resource Management and Natural Resource Governance; Food Sovereignty; Gender Equality and Social Inclusion; Climate Change; Sustainable Development; Post Disaster Recovery; Social Protection
  25. Bishnu Raj Upreti
      Executive Chairman, Policy Research Institute (PRI)
      conflict and peace, public policy, resources and environmental governance, state building, human security especially food and water security, research policy linkage, partnership research, etc
  26. Buddhi Raj Gyawali
      Professor, Kentucky State University
      My research are multidisciplinary and relate to using agricultural, socio-economic, environmental Geographic Information System (GIS) and remotely sensed data for scientific research on land-use change, human- environment relationship, climate change and variability, integrated environmental monitoring and management, resource dependency and inequality, farm diversification, succession and sustainability, participatory GIS and community development.
  27. Buddhi B. Achhami
      Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California
      Insect ecology, insect plant interaction, IPM, insecticide resistance
  28. Chakra Budhathoki
      Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University
      Biostatistics, research methods
  29. Dasharath Prasad Lohar
      Seeds & Traits Stewardship Manager; Co-owner of Natural & Local LLC, BASF and, Natural & Local LLC
      Biotechnology, Horticulture, Breeding, Agri-business management, Innovation management, organic farming
  30. Deepak Ghimire
      Graduate Research Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      Soil Fertility Management Site-Specific Nitrogen Management Sustainable Cropping Systems
  31. Deependra Dhakal
      Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University
      Cereal crops, morphometrics, disease modeling and forcasting.
  32. Deependra Paneru
      Graduate Research Assistant, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
      Nutrigenomics, Poultry Nutrition
  33. Dev Paudel
      Scientist II, TOME Biosciences
      Genomics,Computational Biology, Genetics, Plant Breeding
  34. Deva Raj Khanal
      Graduate Student, Saint Louis University
      Domestication, perennial crops and crop wild relatives
  35. Devendra Paudel
      Graduate Assistant, Penn State University
      I have expertise in Analysis of Food and Nutrition survey databases and current research focus area is in Dietary fiber, gut microbiome and their effect on Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Colorectal cancer (CRC)
  36. Dikshit Poudel
      Grad Assistant and Student, University of Georgia
      Economics, Development, Agriculture and Food Policy, Food Insecurity and Poverty
  37. Dilip Bhandari
      Senior Director of Programs-Livestock Technology and One Health, Heifer International
      International development, agriculture value chain, smallholder farmers, appropriate technology, One Health
  38. Dilip Panthee
      Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
      Plant Breeding, Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Genome Editing
  39. Dinesh Bahadur Karki
      Assistant professor, IAAS,TU
      climate change, conservation agriculture, organic and sustainable agriculture
  40. Dinesh Phuyal
      Graduate Research Assistant, Texas A & M University
      Nutrient management, crop physiology, climate change
  41. Dirgha Jibi Ghimire
      Research Professor, University of Michigan
      Social research methods, population and environment, social change psychological and public health
  42. Dol Prasad Dhakal
      Research Associate, Texas A&M Argillite Research and Extension Center
      Integrated Crop Management (ICM/IPM)following to Insects and Plant disease Management (Pest Management)
  43. Dr. Ishwary P. Acharya
      Director of Research and Development, Kay Dee Feed LLC
      Ruminant Nutrition, Forage Quality, Mineral and Vitamins, Energy and Protein Metabolism, Probiotics
  44. Drona Prakash Rasali
      Director, Population Health Surveillance & Epidemiology/ Adjunct Professor, BC Centre for Disease Control, Provincial Health Services Authority, British Columbia, Canada/ School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia
      Population and Public Health, Epidemiology, Food Security, Quantitative Genetics, Livestock Genetics and Production & Veterinary Science in general.
  45. Gehendra Bahadur Gurung
      Independant, Indeoendant
      Climate change and disaster risk reduction
  46. Gita Koirala Bhandari
      Analyst, Pacific Dental Services
      Mindfulness, Agriculture Extension, Gender Analysis, Communication
  47. Govinda Shrestha
      Postdoctoral Researcher, Oregon State University
      Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Pest Monitoring, Insect Movement
  48. Homan Regmi
      Post-Doctoral Researcher, Citrus Research and Education Center, University of Florida
      IPM, plant-microbe interactions, microbe-microbe interactions
      Ph.D Student, University of Hawaii at Manoa
      Microbial ecology, plant-soil-microbe interaction, climate change
  50. Jhalendra Rijal
      Extension Entomologist, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
      Integrated Pest Management, Entomology, Impact of Climate change on pests, insect spatial distribution and sampling
  51. Kabindra Adhikari
      Soil Scientist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service
      Digital soil mapping, Precision agriculture, Soil-landscape modeling, Soil carbon, Climate change
  52. Kailash Raman Bhatt
      Assistant Professor of Agronomy, Tribhuwan University
      Academic interest and traveling to new and exciting places are the key areas of interest
  53. Kalidas Subedi
      Project Lead, Agriculture and Agriculture-Food Canada
      Crop science, plant nutrition, stress physiology, weed science, sustainable soul management.
  54. Kalpana Khanal
      Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, Nichols College
      Development Economics, Political Economics, International Finance, Institutional Economics, Feminist Economics
  55. Kalyani Mishra Tripathi
      Chairman Service commission, Agriculture and Forestry University
      Postharvest, waste management,floriculture
  56. Kamal Prasad Adhikari
      Researcher, Manaaki-Whenua Landcare Research
      Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigations, Nitrogen and carbon dynamics in soil, Soil heavy metals
  57. Keshav Sharma
      Research Molecular Biologist, USDA-ARS
      Plant Pathology/Molecular Biology/Gene Cloning/Plant-Pathogen Interaction/Disease Resistance
  58. Khem Raj Pant
      Technical Officer(Plant Breeding), National Wheat Research Program under Nepal Agricultural Research Council
      Wheat Breeding
  59. Khusi Ram Tiwari
      Principal Plant Breeder, Bayer Crop Science
      Corn Breeding and Agronomy, Hybrid Crops Breeding, Plant Breeding, Genetics, Biotechnology.
  60. kiran Roka
      Student, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU)
      Agri Entrepreneurship
  61. Krishna D Puri
      Project Scientist, University of California Davis
      Soil Microbiome, Population Genetics, Disease Management, Resistant Breeding
  62. Kundan Dhakal
      Postdoctoral Fellow, Noble Research Institute, LLC
      Crop Modeling, Root Phenomics, Geospatial Modeling,
  63. Lal Prasad Amgain
      Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Far-Western University, Tikapur, Kailali
      Conservation agriculture, Simulation crop modeling
  64. Laxman Adhikari
      Post-doc Fellow, Kansas State University
      Plant breeding, genetics, and genomics are my key interest areas.
  65. Madhav Subedi
      Graduate Research Assistant, University of Georgia
      I am interested in crop improvement through breeding approaches. This would involve the use of conventional methods as well as modern translational genomics approach. I am also interested in the evolutionary genetics of plants and the application of bioinformatics skills in my research.
  66. Madhav Parajuli
      Graduate Research Assistant (PhD), Tennessee State University
      Soil biogeochemistry and climate change, Plant pathology, soilborne diseases
  67. Mahesh K C
      Posto-Doctoral Scientist, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
      Virology, Immunology,accine development, Gene editing, molecular biology
  68. Mandeep Adhikari
      Graduate Research Assistant, University of Hawaii at Manoa
      Functional Genomics, Bioinformatics, computational Biology.
  69. Megha N. Parajulee
      Regents Fellow Professor, Texas A&M University
      Cotton IPM, Cropping systems, Quantitative ecology, Food security, International agriculture, Climate change
  70. Monika Ghimire
      Tax Economist, Oklahoma Tax Commission
      Resource Economics, Resource Taxation, Consumer Behavior, Experimental Economics, Big Data
      It is my pleasure to serve the people across the nation and globe through active participation in the broad areas of research, development and academic administration, mainly to the field of natural resource management including livestock development/Agroforestry, Forestry and pasture/tree interaction; and climate change
  72. Nir Bahadur Jirel
      Freelance, Freelance
      Animal Science/ TVET
  73. Niraj Prakash JOSHI
      Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
      Poverty, food insecurity, agricultural production economics, socioeconomics of climate change
  74. Niranjan Aryal
      Assay development and Validation Chief for molecular diagnosis of COVID-19 at BalboaDx, Lab Director at Certus Analytics, Chief Science Officer at Nutrawerx, BalboaDx, Certus Analytics, Nutrawerx
      Plant Biotechnology, Plant Pharmacology, Molecular Diagnosis of plant and human diseases
  75. Nityananda Khanal
      Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agro-Food Canada
      Agronomy, crop physiology, plant breeding, agroecology, interdisciplinary agriculture
  76. Padma Nath Atreya
      Horticulture Development Officer, Temperate Horticulture Development Centre
      Fruit production, High density planting in fruits, plant propagation & nursery management
  77. Padma Singh
      Sr. Director, Heifer International
      Agri extension, community development, Institutional development
  78. Parmeshwor Aryal
      Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida
      Crop management, crop physiology, soil nutrient management, agricultural statistics
  79. Pawan Devkota
      MS Student, Texas Tech University
      My primary research interest is in soil microbial ecology. I am currently investigating how soil microbes (community composition and their functional role) changes with climate change (e. g., global warming). I am also interested in is global carbon cycling, carbon-climate feedback, and regenerative agricultural practices.
  80. Peetambar Dahal
      Scientist (Retd.), University of California, Davis
      Food, nutrition and health security beginning with emphasis on food safety
  81. Pradeep Wagle
      Interdisciplinary Research Agronomist, USDA-ARS, Grazinglands Research Laboratory
      Study land surface-atmosphere interactions with a focus on ecosystem carbon and water cycle dynamics using eddy covariance systems Investigate impacts of land use change, extreme climatic events, and management practices on productivity, and carbon and water dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems Upscale eddy flux observations (CO2 fluxes and ET) using modeling and remote sensing approaches ET modeling and partitioning (E and T) using various models
  82. Pradip Sapkota
      Graduate Research Assistant, Texas Tech University
      Crop Genomics, abiotic stress tolerance, plant breeding, production economics
  83. Pragya kiju
      Graduate Research Assistant, Montana State University
      Entomology, Chemical Ecology, Plant host resistance
  84. Pragyan Gautam Burlakoti
      Plant Health Diagnostician, BC Ministry of Agriculture
      Canola, Sugarbeet, Fusarium sp., Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, common hosts and diseases of them in British Columbia (Forest trees, Berries, tree fruit crops, vegetables etc.)
  85. Prakash Gurung
      Asst. Lecturer, G.P Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Centre (GPCAR), Purbanchal University
      My primary research interest is in the area of weed science for managing weeds in agronomical crops. In my MSc thesis, the winter maize providing mulching with black plastic and rice straw reduces the weed dynamics and increases the yield. I am interested in the field of agronomy, weed science, conservation agriculture, and sustainable agriculture.
  86. Prakash Parajuli
      Graduate Research Assistant, Texas Tech University
      Functionalization/modification and characterization of biopolymers for the development of functional bioproducts from biopolymers. Specializes in the development and functional application of cellulose-based products e.g. membranes, fibers, and aerogels
  87. Pramod Pantha
      Post doctoral researcher, Louisiana State University, USA
      I am a research scientist with 8+ years of working experience in multi-omics datasets. I am using comparative genomics and transcriptomics approaches to uncover the molecular mechanisms of multiple abiotic stress tolerance and plant invasiveness. The key genes/pathway/genetic elements identified from my comparative analysis could be used for developing climate resilient crop better adapted to climate crisis. Further, it can be used to develop molecular tool to control the invasive plants. Most importantly, my skillsets of comparative genomic data analysis are transferable to any systems (virus, bacteria, plants, animal or human).
  88. Pramod Pokhrel
      Postdoctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University
      Crop simulation modeling, cover crops
  89. Prava Adhikari
      Phd Student / Graduate Student, LSU
      Understanding coordination between growth and development of leaf by studying cell cycle related genes using genetics and computational biology.
  90. Prem B Bhandari
      Evaluation Coordinator (and Survey Data Analyst), KonTerra Research Group
      Social research methods; program evaluation, survey data collection, management and analysis; socio-economic and cultural determinants of demographic behaviors (migration, fertility, and population health); social inequalities; rural social change; population and environment; and sociology of agriculture in developing countries.
  91. Prem Prasad Kandel
      Postdoc, Penn State University
      Molecular and evolutionary plant pathology
  92. Priyanka Devkota
      Graduate Research Assistant, Mississippi State University
      Animal science, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular genetics, statistics, poultry science and agricultural science
  93. Purushottam Gyawali
      Graduate Research Assistant, Texas A&M University
      Weed Science Pest Management Agriculture EntomologyAgri-Business & Management
  94. Radhika Bartaula
      Postdoctoral research associate, University of Minnesota
      Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant microbial interaction
  95. Raj K Adhikari
      Marketing and Value Chain Specialist, UNDP/VCDP
      Livelihoods; Enterprise, Markets and Value Chain; Cooperatives; Impact Assessment; Research-Teaching-Extension;
  96. Rajan Ghimire
      Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University
    • Rajan Shrestha
        Graduate Research Assistant, Texas A&M University
        Agronomy and crop science, climate change, crop stress and physiology
    • Raju Adhikari
        Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Manufacturing, RMIT University , CRAM Polymers Pty Ltd
        Biostable, conducting and biodegradable materials for biomedical, agriculture, and food packaging applications Design and synthesis of polymer nanofibers for drug delivery applications Fluorescent and phosphorescent small molecule, monomer and polymer for OLED application Product development, technology transfer and commercialization
    • Ram Khadka
        Scientist/ PhD candidate, Nepal Agricultural Research Council/ The Ohio State university
        Soil-borne disease, biocontrol, microbiome, vegetable pathology,
    • Ram Kumar Shrestha
        Assistant Professor, Tribhuvan University
        Mycotoxin, Mushroom cultivation, Plant growth promoting bacteria, Host-pathogen interaction, and Bacterial virulence determinants
    • Ramesh Upreti
        Assistant Professor, Gokuleshwor Agriculture and Animal Science College (GAASC), affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal
        My area of interest are in the field of horticulture, pomology and agro-tourism. I have done my MS thesis research on the topic Fruit thinning and defoliation effects on the quality and yield of Papaya (carica papaya) Cv. Red Lady in Chitwan. Currently I am seeking for PhD degree in horticulture.
    • Ramjee P Ghimire
        Researcher, Michigan State University
        Sustainable development, program evaluation, agricultural extension, survey data analysis, livestock development, training, outreach, qualitative data analysis, international agricultural development, SPSS, monitoring and evaluation, policy studies
    • Renu Ojha
        Graduate Research Assistant, Tennessee State University
        Agriculture economics
    • Rishi Khatri
        Student, Mississippi State University
        Nematology, Plant Pathology, Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Rishi Ram Burlakoti
        Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
        Plant Pathology
    • Roshan Kumar Mahara
        Student, Agriculture and forestry university
        Food and nutrition, agricultural economics, sustainable agriculture, Integrated pest management
    • Sachin Bhattarai
        Masters Student, University of Göttingen
        Soil Health, Organic Agriculture, Soil Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture, Soil Management
    • Sameer Pokhrel
        Graduate student, University of Florida
        Citrus, Rootstock propagation, plant physiology
    • Sanjeev Joshi
        Climate Scientist, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
        River Sediment Transport and Geomorphology
    • Sanjok Poudel
        Postdoctoral Research Associate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
        Soil-plant-animal interaction in forage/livestock production system; Silvopasture
    • Santosh Dhakal
        Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
        Veterinary medicine; Infectious diseases; Vaccine development; Virology; Immunology; Zoonotic diseases; Public health; Animal science; Veterinary microbiology; One Health.
    • Santosh Pathak
        Graduate Research Assistant, Louisiana State University
        Agricultural Policy; Program Evaluation; Climate Smart Agriculture; Production Economics; Environmental Economics
    • Santosh Upreti
        Agriculture teacher, SEE
        I want to opem agriculture enterprises within the boundary of my limited area
    • Saroj Adhikari
        Graduate Research Associate, Oklahoma State University
        Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Economics
    • Satis Devkota
        Assistant Professor of Economics and Management, University of Minnesota Morris
        Productivity, Efficiency, Welfare
    • Sharad Parasar Marahatta
        Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Hilo
        My interests are in nematology, horticulture and integrated pest management. I love to analyze nematode community indices and use nematodes as soil health bioindicators.
    • Sharan Panthi
        PhD Student, University College Dublin
        Soil Science, Soil Organic Carbon, Spectroscopy
    • Shital Poudyal
        Post doc, Texas Tech University
        Plant physiology, Water quality, Production sustainability
    • Shiva Om Makaju
        Research Professional, University of Georgia
        GWAS; Genomic Selection; Plant Breeding; Genetics; Forage; Biomass
    • Shubhechchha Sharma
        Graduate Student, Michigan State University
        Drought resilience; systems thinking; data science
    • Shyam Lal Kandel
        Research Plant Pathologist (Research Associate), USDA-ARS
        Plant Microbiome, Plant Endophytes, Plant Pathology, Biocontrol, Soilborne Plant Pathogens, Downy mildew, and Mycotoxin and food safety Transcriptomics, Genomics, Molecular Biology
    • Sita Thapa
        Research Associate, Michigan State University
        I am interested in finding sustainable nematode management strategies for economically important nematodes like soybean cyst nematode, root not nematode, lesion nematodes and others.
    • Sittal Thapa
        Graduate Research Assistant, North Dakota State University
        Genomics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Breeding, Plant Pathology
    • Sonisa Sharma
        Research Associate, Noble Research Institute
        Soil Science, GIS and Remote Sensing, Rangeland Management, Data Analyst
    • Subash Thapa
        Student, Punjab Agricultural University
        I am currently persuing my Msc in plant pathology from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab. Plant protection is my area of interest.
    • Subodh Adhikari
        Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Idaho
        Agroecology, Bees, Biodiversity-Based Ecosystem Services, Invasive Pests, IPM, Organic Farming, Plant-pollinator Interactions, Sustainable & Diversified Cropping, Cover Cropping
    • Sudeep Pandey
        GRA, PhD, University of Georgia
        Plant Host-Virus-Vector Interactions, Aphids, Cotton leafroll dwarf virus, Whitefly, Begomovirus,
    • Sudikshya Paudel
        PhD Student, North Carolina State University
        Reproductive Physiology (Mice, Pigs) RNA/DNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, PCR, RT qPCR Cell culture of porcine and ovine trophectoderm cells, human endometrial and stromal cells siRNA Transfection Immunohistochemistry In situ hybridization Immunofluorescence Brightfield and Confocal Microscopy
    • Suman Lamichhane
        Postdoctoral Research Associate, Texas A and M Agrilife
        Plant Physiology, Abiotic Stress Response
    • Sushil Thapa
        Assistant Professor, University of Central Missouri
        Soil fertility, plant physiology, biotic/abiotic stress management, precision farming
    • Sushil Paudyal
        Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
        Dairy herd health, Animal health, Transition cow management, Precision dairy technologies, Udder health management, Early disease detection, Data-based dairy decisions.
    • Thaneshwar Bhandari
        Assistant Professor, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Lamjung Campus Tribhuvan University
        Agriculture value chains, efficiency analysis, agriculture development , risk management and data analysis.
    • Tilak B. Bhandari
        Founding Executive Director, Institute of Rubber and Jatropha Research-Nepal
        Pioneer of Natural Rubber Farming Researcher, Promotor, Campaigner (33 years) in Nepal and from United States. !00's of PP presentation about rubber in Nepal, USA, UK and India etc. More than 60 rubber articles publication from above countries and various interviewed from national TV, Ratio and FM . Winner of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology-Government of Nepal-Award and many others. Serving as a Visiting Scientist of RECAST, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Expert Director of Munaa Krishi Ltd-a public company, advisors of many agriculture development organizations. Mainly focus to natural rubber cultivation, research and out-reach activities in Nepal.
    • Tilak Ram Mahato
        Research Specialist, University of Arizona
        Controlled Environment Hydroponic Agriculture, Intensive and Sustainable Food Production, IPM
    • Udaya Subedi
        Student, University of Alberta
        Agriculture, Plant breeding
    • Ujjal Tiwari
        Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU)
        Socio-economic studies, climate change, food and nutrition security, project cycle management, monitoring & evaluation, impact study, etc.
    • Yamuna Ghale
        Research Director, Nepal Center for Contemporary Research
        Agriculture Policies, Food Security, Natural Resource Management, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Climate Change
    • Yogendra Raj Upadhyaya
        PhD Student, University of Florida
        Cover crops, nutrient and soil moisture management
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