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Global Journal of Agricultural and Allied Sciences (GJAAS)

Online ISSN: 2575-1670 ||Print ISSN: 2575-1662 || DOI: 10.35251

About the Journal

Journal Name: Global Journal of Agricultural and Allied Sciences

Online ISSN 2575-1670 & Print ISSN 2575-1662

DOI: 10.35251

Aims and Scope

Global Journal of Agricultural and Allied Sciences (GJAAS) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed (double-blind) international journal published by the Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA). GJAAS publishes high-quality original research papers and review articles on various aspects of Agricultural Sciences, including but not limited to Agricultural Ecology; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural Extension; Agroclimatology; Agronomy/Crop Science; Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine; Applications of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Crop Modeling in Agriculture; Climate Change; Environmental Science; Entomology/Plant Protection; Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture; Forestry/Agro-forestry; Horticulture; Natural Resources; Plant Breeding/Applied Genetics/Bio-technology; Plant Pathology; Soil Science; Weed Science, and closely related disciplines. Any article submitted to this journal should appeal to readers around the globe.

Article Types

Research Papers –Research articles may report results of original observations/experiments and case studies.

Review Articles – Review articles may examine and synthesize current information on a topic or investigate historical trends on a topic of current importance. Prospective authors can submit proposals for writing review articles and the Editorial Board makes the decision on the acceptance of such proposals.

Eligibility of Authors

NAPA membership is not required for publishing in this journal.

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